Sunday Series - 2nd June 2024

Sunday series 240602

What an awesome days racing!

Steady NW breeze, sometimes pushing us close to the limit of 'A' rigs.

We sailed 4 races using one of our 'figure-8' courses, then switched to a long 'there-and-back' course for the last 4 races; with a mark near the north end of the lake - this made it a long beat, followed by a long run!

Congratulations to all our new skippers joining in the racing with their new boats - hope to race against them again soon!

As we're now getting a healthy number of races in, and to allow the race officer to concentrate on running a race, a racer to drop out due to equipment failure or leave early, we've dropped the two worst results (on a 8-race day).

20:02, 02 Jun 2024 by Tony Broad